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    Laguna Fusion 36-Inch Rip Table 1-3/4HP, 110 Volt MTSAW17536110-0130   NLA MTSAW17536110

    This part has been discontinued and replaced with part: MTSF236110175-0130

    This is a medium-duty table saw that delivers heavy-duty, high-performance results. Achive better cuts with the new Fusion table saw and Laguna Tools's deluxe saw features.

    This saw has been replaced by the Laguna F2 MTSF236110175-0130

    0.0000 MTSAW17536110
  • $1,399.00
    Laguna F2 Tablesaw MTSF236110175-0130 MTSF236110175-0130

    Laguna F2 Tablesaw MTSF236110175-0130

    1.75HP F2 Fusion TS

    • Motor:1.75hp 115/230VAC pre wire 115V 1phase
    • Arbor:5/8”
    • Arbor speed:4500rpm
    • 90° capacity:3 1/8”
    • 45° capacity:2 1/8”
    • 36” rip capacity right (option 52”)
    • fence and rail same as fusion 1
    • Zero clearance table insert(compact board)
    • Accept dado blades up to 13/16”
    • Cast iron wing extend 12” wing
    • Saw blade: 40T
    • Blade diameter:10”
    • Arbor tilt range:0-45°(to left)
    • Dust port diameter: 4”
    • Table height:35”
    • Table size:20”x27”
    • Table size with ext. wing:44”x27”
    • Net Weight:240 Lb

    The MTSF236110175-0130 F2 Laguna tablesaw is the evolution in table saw technology. Included in its family of upgrades is arbor tilt micro adjustment, dustless cabinet design, and 2 pole arbor rising. One of the most exciting features is a built in mobility kit. This saw is a perfect solution for the discerning woodworker looking to get the most bang for their buck.

    • Trunion mounted on cabinet
    • Arbor tilt micro adjustment (for fine tuning)
    • Square design high quality zero clearance throatplate w/ quick remove knob. Why Square? Easier to change blades, and makes for better contact points on the cast. Plus, easier for user to make custom throatplates.
    • Blade guard/kerf splitter quick release
    • Spindle lock to change blades
    • Single belt design with tensioning bolt
    • Thermal overload w/reset button
    • TEFC motor
    • Blade dust shroud enclosure. Dustless cabinet design.
    • 1:2 arbor rotation gear ratio and anti backlash arbor adjustments
    • Two pole arbor rising mechanism
    • Tool storage
    • Mobility cabinet design


    1399.0000 MTSF236110175-0130
  • $1,799.00
    Laguna F3 Tablesaw 3HP MTSF3362203-0130 MTSF3362203-0130

    Laguna F3 Tablesaw MTSF3362203-0130 3Hp 220Volt

    • Motor: 3hp 230VAC 1phase
    • Arbor: 5/8 inch
    • Arbor speed: 4500rpm
    • 90° capacity: 3 1/8 inches
    • 45° capacity: 2 1/8 inches
    • 52” rip capacity right (option 36”)
    • Right side extension table
    • fence and rail same as fusion 1
    • Zero clearance table insert (compact board)
    • Accept dado blades up to 13/16 inch
    • Cast iron wing extend 12 inch wing
    • Saw blade: 40T
    • Blade diameter:10 inches
    • Arbor tilt range: 0-45°(to left)
    • Dust port diameter: 4 inches
    • Table height: 35 inches
    • Table size: 20”x27”
    • Table size with ext. wing:44”x27”
    • Net Weight: 300 Lb

    The Laguna F3 MTSF3362203-0130 tablesaw packs a beefy 3 horsepower 220 volt motor primed to easily handle regular day in/day out production cutting work. The Laguna brand has become popular off of the simple principle of offering feature rich woodworking machinery at very reasonable prices. This evolution in table saws is no exception.

    • Cabinet mounted trunion
    • Arbor tilt micro adjustment (for fine tuning)
    • Square design high quality zero clearance throatplate w/ quick remove knob. Easier to change blades, makes for better contact points on the cast. Easier to make custom throatplates.
    • Quick release cam on blade kerf
    • Blade changing spindle lock
    • Thermal overload sensor with external reset button
    • Dust shroud enclosure for blade
    • Dustless cabinet engineering
    • 1:2 arbor rotation gear ratio and anti backlash arbor adjustments
    • 2 pole arbor control functionality
    • Cabinet Tool storage
    • Built in mobility wheels
    1799.0000 MTSF3362203-0130
  • $2,399.00
    Laguna Platinum Series Table Saw with Dovetail MTS0300-0180 MTS0300-0180

    Our Platinum Series Tablesaw features a precision ground table top made of premium grade cast iron, heat treated and ground to mirror-like flat surface. It has a 20-inch x 27-inch main table with 2 T-slots, fitted with two 10-inch x 27-inch cast iron ground wings. Massive widely spaced cabinet mounted trunnions: perfectly machined to high accuracy to support the heavy-duty saw carriage. Minimizes vibration and ensures proper blade alignment. It comes with a robust spindle supported by two precision ball bearings. Triple belt drive system mounted between the two spindle bearings. This tablesaw comes with a powerful oversized 4HP TEFC motor with a standard magnetic safety switch. EZ-Glide T-Square system for accuracy, repeatability, and easy operation. Standard precisely machined miter gauge with adjustable miter bar. It also comes with a 4-inch dust port with a sloped dust chute inside cabinet for better dust collection. Standard regular insert and dado insert. CSA, UL, CE certified.

    What sets this machine apart is the saw carriage traveling via dovetail ways. This provides smoother control when raising and lowering the blade as well as minimal vibration and blade deflection.

    With terrific features (like it's dovetail mechanism) and a powerful motor, Laguna's platinum series table saw delivers precise, clean cuts and totally superior results. Make the most of your projects with a new table saw from Laguna Tools. 2399.0000 MTS0300-0180
  • $11,999.00
    Laguna 12-Inch Rip Saw MRS5000-0280 MRS5000-0280 The Laguna Rip Saw is the perfect machine for production ripping operations. Automatic feed and centralized lubrication top the list of features on this machine. Optional laser guide-system available. To build a better woodworking machine for every purpose and every budget is the focus of Laguna Tools. Offering professional craftspeople and dedicated hobbyists an extensive line of high-performance woodworking machinery, Laguna Tool is committed to the crafter and committed to helping him craft better. Building their foundation upon superior performance, precise results and innovative features, Laguna Tool brings their unique passion and dedication to every Laguna machine. 11999.0000 MRS5000-0280

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